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Ryder is located in Longhua district, Shenzhen Special Econonic Zone, neighbors on Hong Kong and near Macau. We are focus on battery, charger and BMS business, which mainly engaging in the research, production of rechargeable batteries, battery packs, battery management systems, battery protective PCM, chargers and other related electronic products.At the beginning of year 2012, Ryder covers over ten thousand square meters for production. Our products have been wildly used in various fields, ...
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    Ryder electronics is a highly integrated professional electronic power solution provider. One high tech company that devoted in the design.
    China Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd.
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    Ryder Electronics established in Shenzhen on July 18, 2005, mainly in the business of battery packs.
    China Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd.
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    which mainly engaging in the research, pres, battery packs, battery management systems, battery protective PCM,
    China Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd.
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    Research & Development / Quality Control / Test Center
    China Shenzhen Ryder Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Ryder Electronics made a grand appearance at 2022 China Mobile Expo

Ryder Electronics made a grand appearance at 2022 China Mobile Expo

     The 20th China Motor Expo 2022 (CIMA Motor 2022) will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from November 2nd to 5th.         As a large-scale professional motorcycle exhibition, the China International Motorcycle Expo has been held for 19 consecutive times. It is not only an important platform for the release of new products and technologies, but also leads the new trend of industry development.     It is reported that the exhibition area of the 2022 China Mobile Expo will reach 100000 square meters, the 50000 square meters indoor exhibition hall will be newly presented, and the 50000 square meters outdoor dynamic exhibition area.      This exhibition gathered more than 700 enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Italy, Germany and other countries and regions, to participate in the exhibition, including more than 50 vehicle brands worldwide and more than 800 models of vehicles, including more than 30 new vehicles launched nationwide and globally.      In this exhibition, Ryder mainly demonstrated the series of lithium batteries of electric motorcycle.        The huge crowd at the 2022 China Mobile Expo is enough to prove people's enthusiasm and expectation for new motorcycle products of various brands.       This forum will invite enterprises, new forces, new players, government representatives, science and technology companies, supply chain enterprises, investors, experts and scholars, cross-border e-commerce platforms, service enterprises, etc. in the field of electric vehicles, as well as many industry and cross-border elites to come together to discuss and talk about the electrification, personalization, new model, new design, new sales model and other hot topics of industry development, providing referential suggestions for the development of the industry.
2022-11-24 13:27:32
Which is better, soft pack lithium battery or hard pack lithium battery?

Which is better, soft pack lithium battery or hard pack lithium battery?

Which is better, soft pack lithium battery or hard pack lithium battery? Soft pack lithium battery: soft pack lithium battery is just a liquid beaver battery with a polymer shell. The structure type is aluminum-plastic film packaging. In case of potential safety hazards, the soft pack battery will only bulge and crack at most. There are two kinds of lithium battery hard package: cylinder and square. The packaging structure has different advantages and disadvantages, mainly for different market demand places. It is relatively difficult to ensure the consistency of hard packed lithium batteries. There are more and more models, and the processing technology is difficult to be completely consistent. It is suitable for customized production and manufacturing, which is not convenient for the automatic production of beaver battery packs.   Characteristics of soft pack lithium battery 1. Wide range of use, now it is very popular in 3C digital industry. 2. From the perspective of the shape of the soft pack polymer lithium battery, the soft pack can change any shape. For motor vehicles, assembling the soft pack battery can increase the space of motor vehicles. On the other hand, the assembly position of the soft pack battery is not affected by the structural type of motor vehicles 3. It is very thin and occupies a small space. In terms of soft pack battery, it can make the battery thinner. The overall operation flexibility and matching of soft pack battery are relatively high. For automobile enterprises, it has great temptation in design ideas. 4. High safety performance. The structure type of soft pack battery is aluminum plastic film packaging. The biggest competitive advantage of aluminum film packaging is that it is soft and has a certain softness. When the battery has safety performance problems, the soft pack battery will generally bulge and crack, and the liquid inside will leak out, which will not prevent the vapor from being discharged, resulting in explosion and fire. 5. It is small in size and light in weight. In terms of the volume of soft encapsulated polymer lithium battery, it has the characteristics of light weight, large volume, small internal resistance and convenient design concept, and gradually presents its competitive advantage and prominent dominant position. 6. Small internal resistance. The internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery. At present, the minimum internal resistance of the domestic soft pack battery cell can be less than 35m2, which greatly reduces the self -power consumption of the lithium battery pack. 7. The design is flexible. The shape of the soft pack lithium battery can be customized according to the customer's market demand to develop the cell model of the market. Soft and hard lithium battery pack difference Lithium battery soft package and hard package is mainly refers to the difference between a lithium battery pack shell material, if you have any packing outside, it is difficult to see, must see the battery ontology, the weight of the steel battery shell will focus than the same volume of battery, but aluminum shell and flexible packaging is not easy to distinguish, but soft, flexible packaging than aluminum battery with the hand break easily deformation. ●The low weight The soft-pack lithium-ion battery is 40 percent lighter than its steel-clad counterpart and 20 percent lighter than its aluminum-clad counterpart. In terms of weight, the soft-pack lithium-ion battery is much lighter than the hard-pack lithium-ion battery, but the main weight ratio is the weight of the case. ●Low capacity The soft-pack lithium-ion battery is 10 to 15 percent and 5 to 10 percent higher than steel and aluminum batteries of the same size. Although in terms of capacity, the capacity of soft pack lithium battery is not much higher than that of hard pack lithium battery, but there is a certain gap between the two. In the field of high capacity requirements, the application of soft pack lithium battery is still higher than that of hard pack lithium battery. ●Low shape Because the internal battery of soft pack lithium battery is liquid, so its shape can usually have a variety of shapes, this characteristic has a great advantage over hard pack lithium battery in the field of specific requirements for the shape of lithium battery. In the structure of aluminum plastic film packaging, in the case of security risks, the soft battery will only blow up.
2021-11-22 13:39:12
How to understand the problem of lithium battery overcharge

How to understand the problem of lithium battery overcharge

There is usually a misconception when charging: it is better to stick to full charge. It might kill him to go from 100 percent to 99 percent, but keeping your phone plugged in is not what battery manufacturers recommend, especially if you keep charging it after it's fully charged. Lithium-ion batteries are not all-powerful   Many older generations will tell you when you get a phone that the new phone needs to be fully discharged first, and then charged for 12 hours, and then completely discharged, so repeat 3 times. You may have followed the advice of the older generation, but smartphones that now use lithium-ion batteries no longer need such a cumbersome battery maintenance process.   The nickel metal hydride (NIMH) battery is needed for repeated discharge charging process. This battery has a strong memory. The process of repeated charging and discharging is also to make the nickel metal hydride battery achieve a larger charging ceiling. However, today's mobile phones use lithium ion batteries, there is no need to repeat such a messy battery memory process. So will lithium-ion batteries always stick to higher caps?   The answer is definitely no. Although lithium-ion battery is famous for being used, but in the process of charging and discharging through repeated battery cycle, the limit of its power can not be prevented by some loss, this loss is accumulated over a long period of time, and constitute the factor of loss in addition to the normal charge, overcharge is the prime criminal evil.   How to understand overcharge phenomenon   Overcharging is a well known condition in which a phone continues to charge its battery even though it appears to be full. Manufacturers of energy-storage batteries say the phone is suffering from overcharging. Under the condition that the battery is full, continuous charging will cause the structural change of positive materials, resulting in the loss of capacity, and the separation liberated oxygen and electrolyte will have   a violent chemical reaction, a bad result is the natural explosion.   Usually knowledge also tells us, the battery is better to keep at room temperature and boring place, whether the nickel metal hydride battery or lithium battery is the same. When overcharge occurs, there is no doubt that a lot of heat generated by the current will be emitted, and then the lithium battery will have a very electrolytic reaction, which will consume the lithium battery's large capacity. When the heat accumulates to a certain degree, such events as fire and explosion are likely to occur. Manufacturers of natural mobile phones and chargers will not sit idly by in the face of such low security. After all, when users suffer from security problems, it is they who are out of luck, so there are a lot of fine things to charge mobile phones, especially the current mobile phones and chargers charged by USB port.   Overcharging is not a trivial matter   Energy storage battery manufacturers tell you about the ordinary mobile phone users overcharge is really not a small thing, the life of the mobile phone battery directly affected your use of this mobile phone moment, if let the phone arbitrary overcharge, I believe less than a year at the time of the battery will be dead. If you can see that the back of the battery is now slightly arched, it's probably overcharged. On a larger scale, overcharging can have a direct impact on your safety, and the defective batteries of those shanzhai phones may not be able to set off fireworks. Want to prevent overcharge fundamentally, it still seems to be from time to control on the start.   To prevent overcharging, they're really hard   Most mobile phones today already have IC protection. The charger itself also monitors voltage and current. In order to maintain the safety of the battery and users' operation, energy storage battery manufacturers usually choose trickle-charge method in mobile devices. If the loss on the wire is not calculated when using THE USB port for charging, the USB charging port will negotiate with the mobile phone for charging and match the appropriate current, so as to ensure that the mobile phone will not lose most of the current due to the high current input. At low battery power, such as 10 % at the mercy.   At the moment, the power to charge the battery is higher, and the current is also higher. As capacitance added, and the current mobile phone begged, will gradually decrease, behind the remaining 10 ~ 20 percentage reached full recharge percentage and even small hand time to beg for pulse current, and then to maintain the intention of the battery, the charging method, also known as trickle charging, is now main mobile phone recharge plan, in order to drop ceiling capacitance loss, extend battery life. In addition to providing overcharge maintenance for cell phone batteries, energy storage battery manufacturers have another way to prevent overcharge by relying on charging outlets. The socket to supply overcharge has to supply a safe voltage, the greater the voltage shake will be affected by the current. Especially in China at night time voltage shake frequently to ensure that the USB port output voltage stable is very important. Generally, the voltage of the USB charging port is 5V. Some USB charging ports that can intelligently distribute current will slightly decrease the voltage of the charging port when the phone battery is close to full power, so as to reduce the input current and relieve the battery pressure.   These methods about the mobile phone overcharge has a good inhibitory effect, but the bottom is still because we did not unplug the power in the case of mobile phone charging, let the mobile phone repeated discharge and charging process, resulting in the reduction of the upper limit of the capacity.
2020-07-25 15:19:59
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