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Ryder Medical device battery case

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Ryder Medical device battery case

Ryder Medical device battery case

In Aug, 2010, our salesman found one customer who need to use the Li-polymer 7872196 20Ah 14.8V battery pack.

In Sep, 2010, the customer visited our factory and find some incorrect points.

In Oct-Dec, 2010, we reformed for 3 months according to the incorrect points from customer.

In Feb, 2011, the customer re-checked our factory and confirmed the work.

In Apr, 2011, we were listed the qualified supplier of customer.

In May, 2011, customer sent their scooter battery sample to our company for referencing;

In Jul, 2011, we finished the production of samples (due to customer products are customized products, it took longer time.)

In Aug-Sep, 2011, we compared the testing of our samples with customers'.

In Oct, 2011, the customer confirmed the datasheet of sample and we send the product to them.

In Dec, 2011, the customer confirmed the sample was qualified.

In Mar, 2012, the customer sent their medical equipment to us for the testing of bulk orders.

In Apr, 2012, bulk orders issued with customer.


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