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Military equipment battery case

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Military equipment battery case

In Oct, 2011, in the period Hongkong Electronics Fair, one customer consult our 40Ah 12V battery group. The battery pack is placed in a military sound amplifying device.

In Nov, 2011, we provide the 4S2P lifepo4 battery solution for the 40Ah 12.8V battery pack according the demand of customer.

Military equipment battery case

In Dec, 2011, the customer assessed the solution we provided

In Feb, 2012, it was confirmed by customers.

In Apr, 2012, customers came to review our company. We improved the incorrect points according the demand of customer.

In May, 2012, we produced the sample and tested the performance.

In Jul, 2012 customer confirmed the sample.

In Sep, 2012, bulk orders issued by customers.

In Dec, 2012, product was finished and shipped out.


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